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Thank you mr president

Thank you mr president 1

Span classnews_dtsep 12 2018spannbsp018332strongthank you mr presidentstrong plo office in washington first let me restate the obvious something i have done many times palestinians in the west bank and gaza are suffering the optics of which point to israel as an oppressive occupier as the cause but let me hasten to add the less obvious but no less true fact.

Thank you mr president 2

Span classnews_dtsep 01 2013spannbsp018332this 50minute program provides highlights from several of the live televised news conferences that were conducted by john f kennedy during his nearly three.

Thank you mr president 3

1 day agonbsp018332united states strongpresidentstrong donald trump has restarted efforts to convince american companies to build their products locally and not in china and apple appears to be one of the targets in a tweet.

Thank you mr president 4

Strongthank you mr presidentstrong is highly recommended even in this lesser quality form for all who fondly recall john kennedy also for anyone interested in 20th century american political history read more.

Thank you mr president 5

To purchase your very own copy of the song and donate for the video click the quotstorequot page in observance of strongpresidentstrong obamas appreciation movement your tshirt can be purchased on the page as well.

Thank you mr president 6

As strongyoustrong prepare to step down as my strongpresidentstrong i am reminded and want to strongthank youstrong for your numerous accomplishments on both the domestic and international fronts.

Thank you mr president 7

Rural towns may take a hit but please mr president take a bow courageous and its an inspiration frankly perhaps there are other reasons we should thank our president thanks for those make farmers great again hats which i understand sadly are sold out nothing makes things great again faster than a hat.

Thank you mr president 8

Thank you mr president 9

Thank you mr president 10

Thank you mr president

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